Rational Organization of the Sugarcane Harvest-Transport Complex with the Integration of Mathematical Models

Yanara Rodríguez-López, Yanoy Morejón-Mesa, Claudia Cruz-Arredondo, Orlando Martínez-Bao


The present investigation was carried out in the Base Business Unit “Héctor Molina Riaño”, during the sugarcane harvest corresponding to the periods 2014-2015 to 2016-2017, to determine the rational organization of the harvest-transport brigade, through the integration of mathematical models, which guarantee the stability of the system flow. The rational conformation of the harvest-transport brigade was determined using methods such as Linear Programming and Queuing Theory for a single service station and for cascade stations. When analyzing the stability of the compositions with the Markov Chain Model, the most stable variant is when the queue theory is used in cascades while working in fields of 75 t/ha, with two CASE IH 8800 Harvesters and four Tractors BELARUS 1523 + four VTX 10000 self-balancing trailers, four HOWO SINOTRUCK aggregates + two trailers and three reception centers. All that with a 53,79% probability that the cycle will not be interrupted and a system-stop cost of 33,05 peso/h , being possible to reduce the costs for stops by more than 30% and observing a marked influence when increasing the number of collection centers.


optimization; mathematical models; probability; stability; costs for stops

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